One At All – Danish contributor

I got invited to join a blog called One At All – Project to write about Denmark.

One single person from each country.
The most different cultures on planet
talking about everything.

So far Ive written about places you should know in Denmark and words you should know in Danish. Feel free to correct me, comment or elaborate if I have missed anything.

I love the idea of this project! It is always interesting to see your culture in the perspective of other peoples lives. This project is a great way to share and celebrate our differences.

Oh, and please support this one:

Update: Later on I’ve written The most important fact in my country’s history and The one thing my country doesn’t have is….

Arb Design Photos

Several people have told us that they want to see some photos on the Arb Design website – and we are now ready to comply :) Together with Søren Sunnyboy Sohl we went out to the streets of Copenhagen and shot a lot of rounds. We started out at Danish Design Center and continued past the parliament through The Royal Library Gardens and ended up by The Black Diamond.

At the turntable

Show us some teeth

Femi and Michael

Femi and Michael

Corner of The Black Diamond

Arb Design guys

We had a lot of fun running around and posing for these photos, See more photos from the session here.