Getting lost in Prague

With six months in Prague we got a luxury in that we don’t need to stomp around town and cover all the attraction in a weekend or a week. So we’ve purposely just jumped on the trams and metros and gotten ourselves ‘lost’.

Strahov Stadium

The first day we ended up by – what we later learned was – the Strahov Stadium. It looked quite big but it wasn’t until I got home and looked at it on a satellite image that I understood the size of this place. It was build to host parades and huge gymnastic shows and the stands would allegedly hold 250,000 people.
Here you see it to the right of Stadion Evzena Rosickeho which is a ‘regular’ stadium that holds nearly 20,000.

Strahov Stadium.

Another day we ended up by a walled park. When we looked through the gate we saw this boulevard through the forest.


It took forever to walk to the other end but when we finally got up there we were met by this star shaped building.

The Star Royal Summer Palace (Letohradek Hvezda)

It is The Star Royal Summer Palace but it is closed for another few weeks so I’ll have to come back another time. Once again there were a lot more background and history to be found online. It is build with a great attention to symbolism and so it was build in 1555 as a hexagram.

Update July 9th @ 14: Oh yeah and there was a small video from the stadium:

Making new friends

A month ago I got an email from Alena in Koice, Slovakia asking some questions about doing an internship in Ann Arbor. She hadd somehow come across my blog and seen that I had worked at Menlo. We wrote back and forth a couple of times and I asked her if she knew anybody in Prague. She had a friend – who had a friend – who lived in Prague and thats how I got to know Ilja.

Dinner with Jana and Ilja

Yesterday we met Ilja for some food and pivo and had an excellent evening. His friend Jana also joined us as we spend a couple of hours in a very small pub that used to be the watering hole of Emil Holub. Jana and Ilja made a good efford in teaching us the sounds and words of the Czech and Slovakian languages although most of it seems forgotten today.

Later on Ilja invited us along to a party at some friends place. Here is a picture were we get ready to indulge in some Slovakian slivovice:


All the Czechs (and Slovakians) Ive met so far has been very kind and helpful – Im really looking forward to living here for the next six months. Dkuji!