Parental visit

These past seven days my parents have been in Prague and its been great seeing them again and showing off this great city. Prague has gone in autumn mode but the weather was with us and most of the days, the sun was out making the city beautiful.

Charles Bridge from Kampa and my parents

My parents were in Prague 34 years ago on sort of a honeymoon in the dark days of communism, coal burning, side street money exchange and disrepair. What met them today was a very different sight. They were very thrilled about what the city had become. Almost all of the central city has been repaired and today its an amazing trip to walk through the city both at day and at night.

Autumn day in the sun

They asked me if I never get tired of living out of a suitcase and that got me thinking. First off Prague is my home now, so I dont consider it living in a suitcase. It didnt take long before I felt very comfortable here. I also realized that I dont need that much to be comfortable. As long as I have a place I can call mine with a bed and another place to sit with my computer I can manage.
We are sticking around in Prague for another 8 months and then its time to move again. Where to is still up in the air

Joanna one of the AIESEC girls from Ann Arbor was in Prague for autumn break as well so we went out and had lunch with her. Great catching up on old days.
Joanna dropped by for a visit