Asian weekend

Nina was doing an internship in Prague over the summer and came back for a visit this weekend. First we went to Sapa a Vietnamese market in the southern part of Prague.

Lunch at Lotus

We went there for lunch and to do some food shopping for the nights dinner. I was about the only one you didnt know any Asian. At the table here is from the left; Rie from Japan, Petra a Czech who is on her way to do a PhD in Japanese/Korean collaboration in Tokyo, Dominic a British journalist who has lived in Vietnam, Nina from Germany who is taking Japanese lessons, Christoph a German/American who has lived in Japan and speaks Japanese and finally Sue from Korea.

Entrance to the Vietnamese market Sapa in Prague

Sapa is a fascinating place. It started out in some old abandoned warehouses and has grown into a community with kindergarten, hairdressers, travel agencies, insurance companies and of course shops that sells (copies of) clothes, toys and crap.

Saturday ended with a nice Japanese dinner by Rie and Sue and some beautiful flower tea.
Flower tea - looks beautiful and smells nice