The Scandinavian Tour

Sweden Books?

Friday morning we are four guys heading on a tour of Scandinavia to see friends and have a good time. First stop will be Copenhagen for the weekend then the boat to Oslo for a day and then bus across to Stockholm. Not everything is planned out yet but Im sure well have a lot of fun on the way.

This will be part of the group from the BeNe(no-lux) trip.

The picture above is Martin the Swede at a Swedish book store in Baltimores more shady area where Adult Entertainment and Swedish Books apparently go hand in hand :)

Follow the progress at twitter/gelle.

Update May 1st: Our hosting in Stockholm fell through so we are looking for a couch or floor to borrow from Tuesday to Thursday for two of us.

Update May 12th: We found a host through Couch Surfing :) Thanks Daniel