Ann in Prague

Ann stayed with me in Prague for a week and it was great having her back here in Prague where it all started exactly a year ago.

One of the first days here we went on a hiking trip with a bunch of people from MeetInPrague (an online event group for people in Prague). We took the train to a station in the middle of nowhere and walked to the ruins of Okor – a medieval castle and later on to the Rotunda in Budec where the Czech national figure Wenceslaus is suppose to have grown up.


We went to Prague Zoo with Michael and Sarah some German friends of mine. We spend about two hours there but only covered about half of the huge park. We will just have to come back another time.

Ann and the giraffes

Afterwards we went out and met up with Christoph and Sue who recently went to Malta.


For Anns birthday we went out to meet Jakub and Martina, some of her colleagues from her work in Prague.

Dinner with Jakub and Martina

For the cooking of the day I had consulted Mikkel The Happy Cook and made pancakes for breakfast and pork tenderloin for dinner.


Dead early the next day we took the flight to London. Ann is going to do a PhD within the Centre for Sustainable Heritage at UCL.