Request for colour photographs

As you might know Ann is in London studying for her PhD. In her studies she could use your help:

My name is Ann Fenech and I am a PhD student at University College London (UCL) within the Centre for Sustainable Heritage, where my work will involve a study of the lifetime of colour photographs.

Colour photos have been around for almost 100 years but we still dont know much about the ongoing degradation processes. This is what I aim to study. However, for this study to be possible, I need as many different colour photographs as I can find on which I can run the required tests.

This is where you can be of help: I would be very grateful if you could look through your photographs and see if you have any that you do not want to keep. My focus is on the chemical composition so the image in the photo is not important to me.

If you happen to have any pictures please contact me and I will figure out a way to get them to me. I will be happy to reimburse you for the costs of posting the photographs.

Kindest Regards

Ann Fenech
Centre for Sustainable Heritage
The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, UCL
1-19 Torrington Place, Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT

Im sure good karma will go to those who help ;)