Christmas Markets in Dresden

Booth decoration

Saturday morning early we started out in Prague. 5 people in a car and 4 on the train. The destination was the city of Dresden in Germany.

With Christmas fast approaching a trip was organized (Thanks to Sarah and Michael etc.) to check out the city and its legendary Christmas Market. The Christmas market in Dresden has existed since 1434 so its one of the oldest around. On every corner throughout the city booths offers Christmas decorations and other knick knack but more importantly glühwein and all sorts of delicious foods.

Loads of people at the market

After the Christmas market we continued on through the city. First through the Altstadt which is dominated by the newly restored Frauenkirche. The church was bombed during World War II and wasnt resurrected until 2005.Very beautiful both inside and out.

Dresden Frauenkirche

Later in the day we went to Neustadt on the other side of the River Elbe where a whole different revitalization is taking place. What used to be a run down area is now a busteling neighbourhood with loads of kneipen (pubs), cafes and cozy shops. A really cool place with a nice atmosphere, interesting people and buildings and businesses. Here is a picture from the Kunsthof Passage which is 5 backyards connected filled with shops and creative architecture. Have a look at these pictures to see what Im talking about. Here we are at a glühwein booth at one of the backyards under the stars and red laterns:


Neustadt was also where our hostel was so we checked out the shopping, dinning and a drinking here before calling it a day. We had a really nice dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. Here is the whole table (sans me).

Happy, hungry people

The next day we walked some more in the town, did some Christmas shopping, saw the church from inside and headed back to Prague.

Thanks guys for a nice weekend!

INXS videos from Prague – Never Tear Us Apart

I just came across this 20 year old INXS music video from Prague. Its shot in and around the streets of Stare Mesto and on Charles Bridge. It was shot the year before the Velvet Revolution and shows Prague on a gloomy, yet romantic, winter day before the masses arrived in Prague. I dont think I have seen this few people on the bridge apart from if you cross it at 4am.

INXS – Never Tear Us Apart Uploaded by INXS

Two other videos of INXS was shot in Prague during the same visit. New Sensation filmed at the art nouveau Municipal House and Guns in The Sky filmed in a hallway – somewhere in Prague? All three music videos are directed by Richard Lowenstein.

Last year i made a Prague Christmas video where I also make my way across Charles Bridge and into Old Town Square.

Update: Terri in the comments below asked for the where in Prague the video was shot so I looked trough the scenes and plotted them on the map here;

View Never Tear Us Apart locations in Prague in a larger map