My first time on snowboard

Last weekend started off great with a dinner Friday night at one of my favourite eating places when we lived in Prague 6. Tandoor is a small restaurant at the bottom of a small alley almost hidden if you don’t know of it’s existence. The interior is quite modest but the food is great and reasonably priced. There were seven of us there and some could not get it hot enough. 

Dinner at Tandoor

At the next table over I heard the people speaking Danish and I’m always a bit giddy when I hear Danish in Prague. It’s not that often I get to talk Danish and it’s nice and homey to hear it. This time I got the idea that one of them was a blogger I had read before so I went over and said Hi and it turned out that it actually was Nicolai from He’s been in Prague for almost two years but it’s only been about 4 month’s since I discovered his blog. He always has some great pictures of the food he makes or eats and it was cool to meet him.

After the meal Kathleen, Carljan and I decided to take a night walk across town through some of the prettiest parts of town in the cover of darkness with many of the streets abandoned of people. I forgot to take any pictures tho.

Saturday I spent with Hermann geeking around trying to rescue the lost blog posts. More about that in a later post but things look bright. 

Sunday I was up early and then I went with a bunch of friends to the hills in Herlikovice . I haven’t really taken full advantage of having mountains 120 km from Prague but at least I got my second time in snow this weekend. Many of the others were on snowboard so I decided to give it a try and I really liked it.

Three snowboarders and a skier

I got some hard falls and sometimes the board was running way faster than I wanted it to, but controlling it wasn’t that different from skiing so I made some good progress. I never figured out how to make a a turn with the board facing downhill tho.
On the way home we stopped in a small village with a quaint square for a well deserved dinner 🙂

The town square in ?