The Top London Travel Blogs

The travel agency has started publishing a monthly top 50 list of travel and lifestyle blogs in London/UK. To kick that off they organized an event they called Oh You Lucky Bloggers at Planet Hollywood. It’s not like Ann or I has made it into the list but it’s always fun to get out and meet other bloggers. The event was great, mingling with the cool crowd of London blogosphere. Oh You Lucky Bloggers!

I’m not sure how the list is compiled but there are some really cool blogs on it – go have a look yourself.

There is a couple of my favorite London blogs that hasn’t made the list so I figured I’d give them props here:

  • IanVisits – Ian is constantly on top of what’s going on under and over ground in London events.
  • London Cyclist – Andreas is really busy creating resources for the biking crowd in London
  • Ghost signs – Not exclusively a London site but very interesting nonetheless with old painted signs on house.
  • From The Upper Deck – Another quirky blog where Przemek drives around on the double deckers of London and takes pictures out the window as London life goes by below him.
  • Georgian London – excitingly writings about life in London in the 18th century
  • Scandinaivian Kitchen – for everything homely on London