My Prague Top Ten Places

While I was in Prague I made a list of my favorite places but never published it. Better late than never here it is. My top 10 places I love in Prague.

  • Wallenstein Garden You might overlook on your walking around the castle but right behind the metrostation at Malostranska is the entrance to this free park
  • The beer garden in Letna Park – best view of Prague and good atmosphere.
  • The pool hall behind Wenceslas Square – The entrance is at the bottom of an alley. The pool hall itself is a dilapidated old dance hall with chandeliers and grumbling paint. When you enter you are given a receipt. Everything you buy is added to this receipt and you pay when you leave. Dont lose the receipt! 360 picture
  • Cross Club – Crazy, funky club
  • The castle – walking through the castle early morning or late evening is magical
  • Bike north ide along the river – There is a nice path leading up quite far with beer places for every few kilometer.
  • The zoo – huge place, very well-presented and decent prices
  • Prague city museum
  • Jazz club U Maleho Glena – In the tiniest underground room they jazz it up every night of the week. Good idea to make a booking.
  • Zlute Lazne – The beach along the river. Living here and missing the sea/beach this is the place to go to kick back in a great atmosphere.