About Blogging Gelle

Im a Danish guy who grew up in the Southern part of Denmark, went to university in the northern part of Denmark and – after a stop over in Michigan – started a company in the Eastern part of Denmark. Then I moved to Prague, Czech Republic. Now I am in London with my girlfriend.

Freelance Software Designer
I help companies build useful tools but I’m not sure which title to give myself. I haven’t had an employee since 2006 so I’ve called myself entrepreneur, CEO, owner – these days I usually say I’m a freelance software designer. I started a Danish company with a friend when I was in Copenhagen, turned that into a UK limited company while we were in Prague. My friend found a job so we closed the limited and now I’m a UK sole trader.

To traveling is to live
The Danish fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen said To travel is to live and throughout his life he traveled to get inspired. Since my first backpacking trip through Southern Europe when I was 18 Ive been fascinated with traveling. Not particular the destinations but more the movement from one place to another. I finally got around to read Jack Keroacks On The Road when I was 21 and that struck a nerve even though I should have read it four years earlier. The essence of the book to me is that it doesnt matter what material possessions you have – the less the better – life is about getting out on the road and appreciate the small things and the people you meet along the way.
Ten years of travels and I still have only traveled Europe and USA. Still so many places to see, so many roads to travel. I am amazed with the vastness and variation of USA. A dream would be to buy a mobile home when I retire and just drive around the US without any goal.

Music matters
Ive been a fan of live music ever since my cousins brought me along to my first music festival in Kløften when I was 13 or 14. Jumping around and headbanging to the now long gone speedrock-band Kinky Boot Beast was a revelation. The music genre is not that important as long as the energy is there when they play, so Ive been jumping to anything from Psyched Up Janis (and anything else Sune Wagner), Winter-John, Dear, Under Byen, Tremolo Beer Gut over L.O.C., Johnson, Jokeren to Western Stars, Teitur and Souvenirs. I used to follow the live scene in Denmark reasonable close, but since I havent spend that much time in Denmark over the last three years I must admit that my new acquaintances and general knowledge of whats going on has dwindled. However once in a while I still get out and shake my head to some live tunes and I still love it.

What else?
My previous so ever empty about page got a lot of hits. I wonder what kind of info those people were looking for. If I havent already answered please feel free to post your question below.