Hawaii Travel update from Twitter

UPDATE: I’m back from Hawaii, videos and pics are here.

I will be away from my computer the next three weeks but if you want to hear how the Hawaii trip is going check back here. I will be sending SMS to this post as I travel.

  • Home in prague. Finally
  • We made it to Big Island picked up a car and have just arrived at our camp ground.
  • Just got up. Its raining this morning. We are on our way to the Big Island today.
  • Category 2 hurricane flossie is heading to hawaii. Most likely it will stay 50 miles off so we should be safe.
  • Sunset beach all day. Chilled. Got drunk. Swam. Chilled. Life’s good.
  • Yesterday ivan arrived from minneapolis. Good to see him and now we are five 🙂
  • Kalalua beach is a paradise. A big beach, camping in the shade of trees and a waterfall for fresh water and shover. Mountains surround t 
  • The hike was awesome. Hard but awesome. After 11 miles of walking up and down valleys along the shore we came to the kalalua beach.
  • Back on oahu after four days on kauai hiking. Gotta sleep
  • Found an Internet cafe today – lovely!
  • Went to pearl harbour today to see the Arizona battleship. The ship got a direct hit and sunk with more than 1100 of its sailors
  • Went to kaulai today and rented sea kayaks. Sailed not to some islands. Nice day.
  • Spend the day yesterday at waikiki beach. Beautiful place.
  • I bought a new camera today. Its another canon – those guys seems to work for me. Look out for pictures when i get online (that could be 
  • Yesterday we went to waimea beach on the north shore of Oahu. During winter this is one of the best surfing spots oh the world.
  • Today has been chilled. We went into chinatown for breakfast and went to the market to get some fish and seafood for tonight.
  • Jetlag got me us at 5.30. After breakfast we took a trip around oahu and ended up at a beach were we hung out the rest of the day.
  • Finally we got out of the airport. Of course our suit cases was not there. But fuck that we are hitting the bars now B-)
  • After 24 hours, 11 time zones and maybe 2600 miles we are in hawaii. Aloha!
  • Oh Its great to be back in US. We are still only in seattle airport but still its great to be back in The Land Of The Free.
  • Chasing the sun around the world. Left paris at 13 in seattle at 15. Hope they got good coffee here
  • Oui oui we are in paris. Airport food is robbery.
  • Two days ago was the anniversary of the warsaw rising. The citizen stood up and fought the nazis. Intersting history
  • Yesterday gosja gave us a tour of the town. First on foot and them driving at night. The city grew on me. Like to check it out again.
  • I meet gosja a couple of weeks ago on the canoe trip. She is a graphical designer studying tv production.
  • Rise and shine. Its 4.30. After a couple of hours sleep we are back up ready for the big travel day.
  • Cruzing warsaw. Cool place but not much different vibe than prague/cntr europe.
  • We are staying im warsaw for the night. Flighing out tomorrow at 7 
  • We arrived im Warsaw. Gosja picked us up from the station and we are on the way to her place.
  • Hunter s. Thompson: The Rum Diary is my literature for the ride as we cross the border to poland
  • Yesterday i went with the IAESTE gang. A couple of them are leaving prague and will not be there when i get back. Goodbyes are always a  
  • First leg of the travel is from Prague, Czech Republic to Warsaw, Poland. An 8½ hour train ride.
  • The bags are packed. Tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 8 we are taking the train to Warsaw and the day after (Friday) we jump on the plane.
  • Hawaii is approaching way too fast. I’m not ready! Leaving for Warsaw in 30 hours!

Going to Hawaii – yay!

I'm going to Hawaii

So things are starting to get in place now for this years holiday and boy, am I looking forward to this one! Today the ticket finally arrived as you see.

The trip has been in the works for the past year since Fernando got a job as an engineer in Hawaii. Ever since then the big goal has been to make a trip over to visit him with the gang.
Luckily we have managed to get five of the guys together for this awesome holiday.

Today we have been laying out the plans for what we are going to do. Good times. We were sitting in four different time zones and making the plan in Google Spreadsheet. Fernando sitting on Hawaii, Ivan in Minneapolis, Alberto in Tennessee, and Femi and me in Prague. The plans include a trip to Na Pali Coast, Volcanoes NP and camping on The Big Island.

Google Spreadsheet Collaboration

Its going to be good times with good people :)