Belgium and Holland Tour de Force

This past weekend Mehmet fired up his Skoda and we went on a westbound road trip. Mehmet is a Turkish friend from IAESTE Prague and together with Femi, me and Mehmets friend Murat, we started out Thursday night around 1am. We got to the German border about an hour later.

Border crossing

I never realized how privileged I am being pale and having a Danish passport. Going in and out of countries have never taken me a long time. This time was quite different however. Apparently there was a stamp in Mehmets passport that wasnt right so it took almost 2 hours before they finally let us through. That set us back quite a lot in time and it took us until Friday afternoon before we reached Breda, Netherlands were we met up with Aytek another of Mehmets friends.

All three Turkish guys works for ExxonMobil so in we got the tour when we went to pick up Aytek. Here are Murat, Aytek, [Aytek’s coworker], Mehmet and [another coworker].

Visit at Mobil Breda

Friday night we spend in the old and beautiful city of Bruges, Belgium. Here are the guys in front of the Belfry Tower from 1280.

The guys in front of The Belfry

Femi and I crashed at a hostel in town while the other guys went on to met another friend. Saturday the next stop was Antwerp were we stayed for the afternoon walking the city and getting some true Belgium fries.

Cathedral of our Lady
Mehmet with his Belgian fries

And then it was on to Amsterdam with the Red Light District, coffee shops and canals everywhere. We all had a blast and ended the night at the night club Escape which must be one of the biggest in Amsterdam.

Red light district
Escape night club

We ended up with two 50 euros parking fines and since we couldnt find a hotel or hostel we slept in the cars. Everyone was tired so it wasnt as bad as expected and Sunday morning we went for a short walk around Amsterdam before driving the 10 hours back to Prague.

The boys the day after

Another awesome weekend is over so fast!

[ Update 13/9] Murat just uploaded his pictures and there are gems like this two:

The boys the day after
The boys the day after