An update

It’s eerily quiet on this blog these days. It’s been a month since Ive updated it so about time. Well, its not a lack of events thats kept me from posting, so let me give a brief update.


After I went home from London, we moved into a new apartment in Zizkov. Nice new apartment, closer to town and an interesting neighbourhood. I will have to make a full post later about Zizkov the neigbourhood. Zizkov is a lot of things but one thing you cant get away from is the ugly, yet fascinating TV tower from doom that is visible from everywhere in Prague.

Crawling on the TV Tower, Prague

Soon after I moved in Mulle, a friend from bording school who I ran into on Facebook earlier this year, came to Prague. Him and a friend had decided to drive down here for a weekend to party. I decided to go back to Denmark with them. It had been quite a while and my grandfarther is not doing so well.

Back in Denmark I covered a good amount of ground. Went to see my grand parents who are in good spirit but old bodies.

With my dad I went to the German border where hundreds of thousands of starlings gather for a couple of weeks to feast before their long migration to North Africa. At dusk they all gather and make wonderful patterns before they settle in for the night.See more of my dads pictures.

Black Sun
Black Sun

The phenomenon is called Black Sun and there is a couple of nice videos on youtube.

After that I went up to visit Majbrit, Magnus and Mogens – sis and family in Odder, visited my mother who was on vacation, and hung out in Ã…rhus with Christian, Rasmus and my cousin Rikke.

From Ã…rhus I took the train to Berlin. I had never been there before so decided to make a day stop over to see the place. Cool city I must say – will return some day

Brandenburger Tor

Soon after Ann came to Prague :D Its nice having her closer this year – although it is hard to classify London as close. She stayed for four days where we went to IAESTE Day 2008 at the universities where we did a presentation on what we have gained from IAESTE. We also went out with my uncle Geert and Elin and her daughters Elisabeth and Majbrit and their husbands who was on vacation in Prague.

Ok that was it for now. I hope it wont be another month before the next post