Metablogging – Copenhagen bloggerdinner

Yesterday I joined a group of bloggers in Copenhagen for dinner and socializing and it turned out to be really interesting.

The dinner started out at a bar, moved on to a restaurant and ended in an apartment. I didnt know any of them personally and I doubt any knew who I was when I showed up. I knew who most of them were because they have been active in the Danish blogosphere in general and particular in the scene of corporate blogging and social software.

It is very interesting whats going on around blogging right now, now that it seems to seriously hit mainstream in Denmark. Blogging is not exactly new anymore but a lot of people are starting to use it professionally – and the people that were here are some of the pioneers in Denmark that try to make a living providing services in social software.

It was a really pleasant evening with some inspirational people and meeting people in person always adds an extra dimension when you only know them from their writtings.

I didnt get around to talk to everybody but Copenhagen is pretty small so I will probably meet them again somewhere.

A couple of pictures at flickr

BTW – this post is my first attempt with Microsoft Live Writer and its suprisingly cool.