INXS videos from Prague – Never Tear Us Apart

I just came across this 20 year old INXS music video from Prague. Its shot in and around the streets of Stare Mesto and on Charles Bridge. It was shot the year before the Velvet Revolution and shows Prague on a gloomy, yet romantic, winter day before the masses arrived in Prague. I dont think I have seen this few people on the bridge apart from if you cross it at 4am.

INXS – Never Tear Us Apart Uploaded by INXS

Two other videos of INXS was shot in Prague during the same visit. New Sensation filmed at the art nouveau Municipal House and Guns in The Sky filmed in a hallway – somewhere in Prague? All three music videos are directed by Richard Lowenstein.

Last year i made a Prague Christmas video where I also make my way across Charles Bridge and into Old Town Square.

Update: Terri in the comments below asked for the where in Prague the video was shot so I looked trough the scenes and plotted them on the map here;

View Never Tear Us Apart locations in Prague in a larger map

Karlv most – 650 years today

Charles Bridge (again)

Today is the 650th birthday of Charles Bridge – the first bridge in Prague to cross the Vltava river.

The foundation stone was laid at 5:31am on July 9, 1357 with the help of king Charles IV. He consulted his astrologers and the date and time were chosen so that the odd numbers that ascend and descend on the scale of 1 – 9 would form the palindrome 135797531.My Czech Republic

Charles bridge is probably the most photographed spot in Prague – there is something magical about this bridge. Ive already taken ten pictures of it and Flickr reports that its users has tagged 24,914 pictures of the bridge.