Arb Design Photos

Several people have told us that they want to see some photos on the Arb Design website – and we are now ready to comply :) Together with Søren Sunnyboy Sohl we went out to the streets of Copenhagen and shot a lot of rounds. We started out at Danish Design Center and continued past the parliament through The Royal Library Gardens and ended up by The Black Diamond.

At the turntable

Show us some teeth

Femi and Michael

Femi and Michael

Corner of The Black Diamond

Arb Design guys

We had a lot of fun running around and posing for these photos, See more photos from the session here.

My todo list for Copenhagen

Copenhagen streetlights

Copenhagen is still a new place for me. Ive been here a dozen time throughout the years but always on short visits. Now Im living here and I want to take advantage of that. This is my list of things I want to see and do in Copenhagen before I leave again.