Arb Design is blogging

In the last year or so in Denmark blogging has changed from being something the established media and companies would talk about to be something they read and used. (Links in this post will be to Danish sites)

I find it very interesting what is going on right now as people in companies are blogging. There are some great benefits from communicating in the form of a blog:

  • Informal way of communicating passion
  • Gain information about costumers through a dialog
  • It can underline and enhance your brand
  • Let the company have a human face and voice

On the other hand there are some drawbacks or pittfalls as well. Blogging as a private person is different than blogging as part of an organization or a company. Andreas Johansen, former Synkron blogger wrote about some of the difficulties about blogging for his company.

  • Finding the proper voice – not too personal and geeky, not too corporate and marketing-speak
  • Its difficult to get comments so the costumer interaction stays one-way
  • It can be difficult to find the ressources to blog
  • Your boss, colleague, cotumer does not understand the blog format

All this said we have decided to start Arblog, the blog of Arb Design. Right now it is easy to find stuff to write about because Rotaboard is getting started and getting attention from interesting places.

Now go read, subscribe and comment and I will be happy :)

Arblog - The blog of Arb Design