Getting a picture published

Big Gus - world's largest running chainsaw

I recently got contacted by a publishing company because they wanted to use one of my pictures for a book. They said it is going to be used in a re-edited version of Roadside Americana.

Roadside Americana is a beautiful 130-page, color, hardback coffee table book that features dozens of quirky and offbeat places and events in the United States and Canada. This book inspires curiosity and a taste for adventure! Our travel books in general are big, coffee table titles that display beautiful imagery and lively write-ups.

Pretty cool if they end up using my picture :-)

The picture above is from a road trip I took in the fall of 2005. I rented a car and in four days drove the 2000km around Lake Michigan. The trip brought me through some of the more remote areas of Michigan and Wisconsin and in the middle of nowhere I saw this huge chainsaw. It turns out that it is (supposedly) the biggest running chainsaw in the world – 7 meters long and with a V8 engine inside.

I made the trip alone and it was fun doing a real road trip in a brand new car. It was a great escape from daily life in Ann Arbor were I lived in a house with 20 people with constant partying. So four days of solitude on the road was welcomed. Here is a couple of the other pictures from that trip:

On the road

Mackinac lighthouse and bridge

Still standing

Teal Lake

Old mailbox

Morning mist at Munising Bay

Geotagged – putting your images on the map

A couple of days ago flickr announced that they (finally) had added geotagging to their feature list.

Geotagging is a way of adding meta data to photos so the location they are shot at can be used in their representation.


I have been using some greasmonkey hack that worked pretty good. I played around with it for a week and got 26 pictures geotagged