London Calling

After a week in Prague Ann and I went to London to get her set up. Ann was going to live at a student residence called Maria Assumpta in Kensington a really nice area of town close to Hyde Park and Kensington Palace.


My cousin Martin had moved to London four weeks earlier so I visited him and we did some sightseeing together. Here we are in front of Buckingham Palace where the queen lives.


London greeted us with nice weather and we had a couple of nice days getting familiar with the city. I stayed in London for three days. It’s my third visit to London but the first time I’ve really like and enjoyed London. I’m looking forward to exploring more of it with Ann :)


The Swedish Invasion

Back in 1631 a Swedish army invaded Prague and now they are back! – This time with a more peaceful aim.

Backsell the Swede was an intern in Michigan at the same time as Femi and I and after spending a year in Germany him and Toni (another Swede) did a trip of central Europe before heading home.

Its a weekend of Swedish style drinking, snus chewing snusing and partying sprinkled with a little touristy activities in the mix.