Asian weekend

Nina was doing an internship in Prague over the summer and came back for a visit this weekend. First we went to Sapa a Vietnamese market in the southern part of Prague.

Lunch at Lotus

We went there for lunch and to do some food shopping for the nights dinner. I was about the only one you didnt know any Asian. At the table here is from the left; Rie from Japan, Petra a Czech who is on her way to do a PhD in Japanese/Korean collaboration in Tokyo, Dominic a British journalist who has lived in Vietnam, Nina from Germany who is taking Japanese lessons, Christoph a German/American who has lived in Japan and speaks Japanese and finally Sue from Korea.

Entrance to the Vietnamese market Sapa in Prague

Sapa is a fascinating place. It started out in some old abandoned warehouses and has grown into a community with kindergarten, hairdressers, travel agencies, insurance companies and of course shops that sells (copies of) clothes, toys and crap.

Saturday ended with a nice Japanese dinner by Rie and Sue and some beautiful flower tea.
Flower tea - looks beautiful and smells nice

Bohemian Paradise

About an hour north of Prague is the area called Ceske Raj or Bohemian Paradise. The area is scattered with sandstone tables, forests and quaint castles. Together with the IAESTE interns in town we went there for a Sunday hike yesterday.

Group photos

The weather was really nice and the trees were slowly starting to change into autumn costumes.

The sandstone tables

The last week we have also been hosting Ryan and Marisol, two American CouchSurfers who are travelling Europe on their 8th months now. It is amazing how many places they have been and it makes me tick to go on big trip. See Ryans great pictures at Flickr.

Marisol and Ryan with their dinner