My parents visit London – and us

London skyline

I’ve been in London for a bit over 3 weeks now and I really enjoy it. These past days the weather has been so-so but otherwise it’s been remarkable good weather.

The group ready to take off from South Kenton

Two weekends ago we went on a walking tour organized by Walk London where we joined a route close to our place. The route we were walking was the 10th segment of a walking path called the Capital Ring which goes through the green belt all around London. It was a really nice walk and nice to see that there is lots of green patches around us.
At Welsh Harp we met up with the chairman from Welsh Harp Conservation Group who told us about the area that sees a lot of migrating birds. The conservation group had two hides from where they can sit and look at the birds. Below is a picture of how it looks inside the hide and here is the view you can see looking out from the hide.

Looking out

This past weekend my parents came to visit us. And as I am still very new to London I got the chance to explore a lot of new places myself. Friday we took a tour in open doubledecker buses around London to see the famous landmarks in central London.

My parents in front of The London Eye

In the evening we went to my first West End performance to see a musical called Jersey Boys about a band from the 60s. I really enjoyed the music and the production with the way the stage kept changing into so many different sets throughout the show. This is definitely something to do in London and I hope to see more shows while I’m here.

Saturday we went to Notting Hill for the Portobello market to look the stalls, stuff they were selling and the atmosphere. Later we went to the Science Museum.

Crowds on Portabello Road

Sunday we went to Little Venice which doesn’t really look like Venice but is a very nice place none the less. From here we took a canal boat to Camden Lock where we ran into another market with great food stalls and loads of people.

Looking down the canal

It was nice with a visit from home and now that I have come closer to Denmark it will be easier to travel back and forth to visit friends and family and get people to visit me 🙂

Parental visit

These past seven days my parents have been in Prague and its been great seeing them again and showing off this great city. Prague has gone in autumn mode but the weather was with us and most of the days, the sun was out making the city beautiful.

Charles Bridge from Kampa and my parents

My parents were in Prague 34 years ago on sort of a honeymoon in the dark days of communism, coal burning, side street money exchange and disrepair. What met them today was a very different sight. They were very thrilled about what the city had become. Almost all of the central city has been repaired and today its an amazing trip to walk through the city both at day and at night.

Autumn day in the sun

They asked me if I never get tired of living out of a suitcase and that got me thinking. First off Prague is my home now, so I dont consider it living in a suitcase. It didnt take long before I felt very comfortable here. I also realized that I dont need that much to be comfortable. As long as I have a place I can call mine with a bed and another place to sit with my computer I can manage.
We are sticking around in Prague for another 8 months and then its time to move again. Where to is still up in the air

Joanna one of the AIESEC girls from Ann Arbor was in Prague for autumn break as well so we went out and had lunch with her. Great catching up on old days.
Joanna dropped by for a visit