RotaBoard – the simple work planning tool

The paper calendar on the back wall of a business is an easy tool to use, just grab the pen and write on it. When it is done make a photocopy to everybody on the staff and youre done.

Work schedule

Some time goes by and you end up with this

Work schedule

You know how it goes, people get sick some want to exchange their shifts or youve lost your paper copy and cant remember when you have to work next time. The shortcoming of the paper calendar is that it is difficult to keep everybody up to date on the changes – and change always happens. Enter Rotaboard

date picker screenshot of rotaboard

A week ago we launched RotaBoard the first of Arb Designs own products. RotaBoard is a simple work planning tool for the business or team were you have to coordinate and distribute a weekly workplan.

With RotaBoard we wanted to retain the ease of using a simple paper calendar but add the benefits of having it online. Take it for a spin and let me know what you think. Wed love to hear your feedback. All you need is to sign up and you are ready to go