St Patrick's Parade in Willesden Green

Flowers Power
Long John

We live in the borough of Brent which is the most ethnic diverse in England and also the place with most Irish people in London. Wednesday last week was the real St. Patrick’s day which meant they put on a parade right down the street from us.

Crowds at Willesden Tube Station

Around 6000 people came out and celebrated everything Green, Guinness and Irish and it was quite a show. It was great to see not just the Irish but everyone celebrating. Like these kids which looks anything but Irish playing the Bodhrán.

'Irish' drummers

I also enjoyed the fact that the lineup before the actual parade was in front of the local mosque. Here with a truck with the title of an Irish rebel song called “Follow me up to Carlow” which is a celebration of an Irish victory over a 3000 men English army.

Irish Paraders line up in front of the mosque

Peter Marshall the photographer was also in Willesden Green and as a lot more photos from the event.

St. Patrick's Day in London

Spring has arrived in London and so have the green people of the St. Patrick’s Parade.

Big costumes

Yesterday the sun was out and the bagpipers where filling the streets of central London with Irish tunes.

Another bag pipe band

Not all of it was particular Irish. For instance the most cheerful act was Hare Krishna worshippers playing, singing and dancing down the street.

Grooving paraders

Other than that it was a parade of big hats, green cars and white legs.

Glasses and hats
Crusing down Piccadilly
Irish legs

Ann had four Maltese friends staying over this weekend and the parade was the Sunday out event before they all went back home.

Smiling in the sun