Got Dugg

My website went on the belly yesterday evening because my latest post got picked up on Digg. Before my site went offline I got around 2000 hits in a few hours. Not a tremendous amount of traffic but enough to make my host DHT cough. I tried to install a wp-cache plugin but coundnt get it to work.

What I did
On Sunday Alaxander of Positive Sharing was speaking at BlogForum2 about how he had gone from 0 to 100.000 readers. Alexanders ideas for generating traffic are compiled at Lars Pinds blog. I had been writting on this post for some time going back and forth whenever something came to mind.
I rewrote my story a bit making it into 10 pros and cons and added more graphics and then submitted it to reddit. It never seemed to pick up at reddit so I left it and went on to do other stuff. Somebody else picked it up and posted it to Digg and then things went on from there