Sunday Walk In Prague II

About a year ago I made a blog post about a random walk in Prague from our apartment then. Yesterday I did the same from our place in Zizkov.

Click on the images for more explanations of what and where they are taken.

Statue in front of Zizkov city hall

Construction in our backyard

Old Skoda

Construction at the memorial of Vitkov Hill

National Memorial

Czech flag

View from Vitkov hill2

Street art in Zizkov

Cafe Fantova

Wall in Prague

Municipal House, Obecní dům

Church of Our Lady before Týn

Sad, Red Ballons

Man on a bench


David Cerny's Hanging Man (1)

House decoration

Art-Café u Irmy (3)

U Rotundy pub (2)


Narodni by nightfall

Thanks for the inspiration for a coffee to Karen, a dark beer to Evan Rail and light beer to Ronald Pattinson.