Getting a picture published

Big Gus - world's largest running chainsaw

I recently got contacted by a publishing company because they wanted to use one of my pictures for a book. They said it is going to be used in a re-edited version of Roadside Americana.

Roadside Americana is a beautiful 130-page, color, hardback coffee table book that features dozens of quirky and offbeat places and events in the United States and Canada. This book inspires curiosity and a taste for adventure! Our travel books in general are big, coffee table titles that display beautiful imagery and lively write-ups.

Pretty cool if they end up using my picture :-)

The picture above is from a road trip I took in the fall of 2005. I rented a car and in four days drove the 2000km around Lake Michigan. The trip brought me through some of the more remote areas of Michigan and Wisconsin and in the middle of nowhere I saw this huge chainsaw. It turns out that it is (supposedly) the biggest running chainsaw in the world – 7 meters long and with a V8 engine inside.

I made the trip alone and it was fun doing a real road trip in a brand new car. It was a great escape from daily life in Ann Arbor were I lived in a house with 20 people with constant partying. So four days of solitude on the road was welcomed. Here is a couple of the other pictures from that trip:

On the road

Mackinac lighthouse and bridge

Still standing

Teal Lake

Old mailbox

Morning mist at Munising Bay

Walking to paradise

So its been a week since I got back to Prague so its about time I start to tell something about Hawaii. Here is a video from our hike on the Kalalau Trail read more below.

The highlight of the three weeks was without a doubt the four days we spend in the island of Kauai. Kauai is the oldest islands of Hawaii and also known as the Garden Isle because of the flourishing nature found here. Its one of the wettest spots in the world and the massive amounts of water has shaped the rock into what is called pali in Hawaiian. On this picture you can see the palis:Palis

Fernando had gotten hold of permits for us to hike the Kalalau Trail. The trail follows the the massive windswept Na Pali coastline overlooking lush green valleys and towering rocky cliffs that rises almost 1200 meters to the deep blue pacific below. The trail is 11 miles (18km) long and winds it way along the cliffs in a very varied landscape with rain forest, desert and rocky cliffs. The trail is almost never straight but moves up and down, in and out. The view is spectacular and around each corner awaits new wonders.

On our way
On the trail
Crossing a stream
Walking on the trail
Water break
Alberto on the other side
The rugged part
The trail
Along the rocky cliffs

It was hot and humid to do the hike so we drank a lot of water. Luckily there are plenty of streams and creeks on the trail so we could refill our bottles.

Time for a break
Resting at the 6 mile fall
Crossing a stream

Also there were plenty of guava trees and a few mango trees so we could get some fresh fruit as we walked.

Guava snack

It took us 8 and a half hour to walk in and the reward was amazing. I was very busted and enjoyed just chilling on the beach for the rest of the day.

Taking a nap in the sun

We had our camp in shade of trees close to the waterfall were we got fresh water and showers when it got to hot to sit in the sun.

Our camp at Kalalau beach
Waterfall at Kalalau Beach

And the beach was of course beautiful.
Afternoon sun over Kalalau Beach

We spend a day on the beach and the hiked back the next day. Here was what we looked like after having walked back to civilization.
Back in civilization

A truly amazing trip.