Beer Pong Extravaganza – Videoblogging Week 2006 – Day 5

I had been in America for six month before i got to play the fine game of Beer Pong. And to tell the truth its not fine at all – its pretty disgusting The game is about getting a ping ping ball in your opponents cups. The cups are filled with beer so when someone actually hits a cup the opponent has to drink that cup. Needless to say the ball goes on the floor pretty often. To clean the ball each team has a cup with water where the ball is washed before each play.

It is interesting how beer games are different from Denmark to USA over here it takes up a lot of space playing games like flip cup or beer pong – in Denmark is more often dice or cards. The whole house party thing (which is huge in a collegetown like Ann Arbor) is completely unknown in Denmark. If we have a big party its usually by invitation or its a bigger party arranged by a sports club or similar. In Denmark you only get kegs to big parties and then you usually get a decent tab and a cooling system along with it.
– The reason for this, Im pretty sure, is because of the alcohol culture. In Denmark you can buy alcohol in stores from you are 16 over here you have to be 21, five years later – oh and it is (as far as ive been told) even illeagal to consume alcohol if you are not under 21

Anyways here is what I shot that day.

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