Amager Bike Ride – Videoblogging Week 2007

So here is my submission number dos for a week of videoblogging. I must admit I am falling behind schedule – but hey I finally get around to do some blogging.

This video is fresh of the camera. Sunday afternoon I went for a bike ride around the southern end of Amager. A place I have never been before – even though I have lived in this part of Copenhagen for close to four months. Well, Sunday I didn’t have any plans, no hangovers and the sun was out! So I grabbed my bike and went south.

I came across a couple of very interesting places that was really very cosy in that Sunday-kind-of-way.

  • First of there is the Flyer’s Grill (DK) which is a grill bar with a perfect view of runway 22 at Copenhagen Airport. I learnt about the place from a fellow Danish videoblogger a year ago but it wasn’t until this day I checked it out. Pretty cool and definitely a place to bring the nephew next time he is in town.
  • Dragør is an old fishing port built in old Danish style with narrow cobblestone-covered streets only allowed for people on foot, bike and – I guess – horseback.
  • After this I really came into ‘the stick’. Out here is Kongelunden – The King’s Meadow – a paradise for birds and wild life. I’m not good at bird spotting but I saw a lot of different birds (some had long legs, others had long beaks, some could sing and others could quack). This is also one of the few places in Copenhagen area where you can see a sunset over water.
  • Finally on the return to civilization I came by the new borough called Ørestad. They have this crazy triangular house that you get dizzy from looking at for to long.

Enough jabbing – go watch the video (and comment):

(Almost) a whole video shot from my bike. I went to the sothern part of the island of Amager in the nice spring weather. The places I went are about 10-15 km from downtown Copenhagen.

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Et hus p̴ hjul РVideoblogging Week 2007

So this week is Videoblogging Week 2007 – I just realized thanks to Rasmus.

I participated last year and will try to see if I can produce another 7 videos this week. Some of the videos will probably be old material but I promise that it will be material that I havent published before so hang in there this week and enjoy :)

The first video is from the start of a roadtrip I did with my parents a year ago. The trip went from Wisconsin through Michigan to Niagara Falls. My plan was to making a movie about the whole trip but I ended up just taking photos instead. But here is the first (and only) episode of our travelougue.

My blog posts about the trip are here (all in Danish):

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